Irrational Success

I read this small poster that said “Those who succeed are those who are irrationally passionate about something.”

It made me think; am I irrationally passionate enough about music to succeed? If I am, what does success even look like? Am I going into big-time student debt to be in music or to be lead somewhere else? Am I ok with not having a career in music? 

I struggle with the balance of not being ok with not having a career in music, but not putting my full identity into it as well. Can I be irrationally passionate about music and still, in the end, be ok with being lead somewhere else? That is a thought I am dealing with. 

So as November flies by and I try to keep up with everyone around me, I have to remember that achieving what you want takes sacrifice. It takes pushing through the burn out, it takes not getting enough sleep, it takes being a bit hungry, and it takes more than yourself. I couldn’t, and can’t, do this alone. I find when I can’t motivate myself in the present, I listen to music and videos that motivated me in the past. I think back to what those feelings were like, and I apply it to now. 

So here’s to an irrationally passionate today and tomorrow. There’s not many new, exciting things to report for this month, but I am doing everything I can to soak up every moment. I started this blog not to tell you all about how great I am, or how great music life is, or how great my life is. I started this to show that the path to success, music-related or not, takes a lot more than people let on to. Quote Frederic Macarez: If you wanted to be comfortable, you shouldn’t have been a musician. 

Is this degree hard? Yes. 

Is this degree going to bite back? Yes.

Is this degree everything I thought it would be? No.

Am I called to this degree? Yes.

Does that make it intrinsically worth it? Absolutely. 

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