The Process

Winning      I am pretty sure that the only stories I read about competitions are from the winners. Those who are ‘so blessed,’ ‘overjoyed,’ ‘in shock,’ ’thankful for all the support to be here,’ ‘etc. etc. etc. etc.’ Those are great — and important to understanding what it is like to be on top of things and handling that — but no one gets … Continue reading The Process

Change: Part I

hey friends, Nathan here Change — generally, it’s something I’ve welcomed — getting out of high school or starting a job; incorporating new habits, new friends, and new classes; passing through big place markers such as a junior recital, turning twenty one, being a leader, or getting a raise at work. I had wrapped change up in this blanket of goodness and happiness. For musicians, … Continue reading Change: Part I

It’s me: the other guy writing this blog

Hey everyone, Joel here. So now that that music camp is done, I’ve spent a lovely week with my girlfriend in Maine, and I’m back home in Michigan with time to think about the future, it’s starting to sink in: much like my friend Nathan, I have no idea where I’m going….and that’s okay. College so far has been a journey of discovery, whether that … Continue reading It’s me: the other guy writing this blog